So, I am taking note of how much I have written in this blog/journal over the past month or so (when I started this blog (or, started self-hosting this blog with Ghost software, as this is essentially just a continuation of the old blog over on And when I see that A) I have five posts per page, B) 50 pages so far, and C) roughly 500 words per post, that takes me to about 125,000 words written in about a month.

So, what I want is, a universal word counter. Like if I could somehow keep tabs on how many words I have written on any given published post (not counting words I have written and then deleted later). But, let's say I stay at this pace of writing for the duration of 2022 - 125K words per month, for one full year - I would be at: 1.5 million words in 365 days.

Sounds impressive, but, I have seen people take challenges of writing 24K words (or more!) in 24 hours! I, too, attempted this challenge with a thing I called #24in24, and got a bit over 5K words in and then lost all steam. And in the end, there is no one hovering over me, or keeping tabs on how much gets written, or the relevancy of such posts - and there is no contest occurring that hands out awards at the end (not that there is an end). So, keeping any type of tabs on myself seems to be a silly activity. I DO remember the #100DaysToOffload challenge by Kev Quirk some time back that seemed to be popular on for a while, and I appreciated that it was a sort of motivator to get folks to write (more), but I, personally, didn't go for it - because I would have met my quota (of 100 posts) in a couple of weeks instead of 100 Days. But then again, maybe it just meant 100 Days of writing - despite the post count. In that sense, I would just be writing during a 100 day duration and...yea, I just figured this is shit that is going to happen anyway, so why put a "challenge" behind it?

Anyway, I will go ahead and assume that I will write 1M+ words in 2022, like I have for the past several years (2014 on forward, I would venture to guess), and that is fine. I barely go back and read a whole hell of a lot of it, but all of it is a lot easier to do when I am not Tweeting all the time ;)

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