Making camp coffee (until I buy instant coffee in the morning), doing a load of dishes, listening to Mayhem’s *Deathcrush* demo (turned-album) – and just enjoying the evening.nnIt’s 5:40 PM, my apartment is significantly hotter than it needs to be due to the heater over-running (which happens often (but is turned OFF now)), and the dishwasher going (which generates heat in the kitchen), and the stove on full blast to boil the water for coffee ASAP.nnGot nothing too special to say tonight, other than I feel good and all is well with myself, and in life. The leg is doing significantly better, and I barely think about it anymore (while still simultaneously making an effort to not put any type of strain on it). Just being careful with the leg in general. So, no hiking for me up through mid-December, at least, I think. I’ll get one (or more) in before year’s end, though. These will definitely be paved trail hikes, though – no primitive (dirt) trails for me until I am back to 100%.nnAs far as day to day walking, I am fine. I just go slightly slower, which is fine because I was always walking so damn fast before. Like 3mph (AKA *too fast*).nnThe swelling in the foot is basically 100% gone, too, so that is definitely a relief. Never had any pain with the foot, just big swelling, and now I can see veins and details within the tendon beneath the skin, which sounds gross, but it is just how a foot looks! Haha!nnAlso worth mentioning, the front leaning rest (yoga) pose I do every few nights with the resistance bands exercises seems to be paying off a bit, too. I *feel* and *look* stronger in my core (abdomen). Slightly flatter stomach, and just good results overall 🙂 So I am definitely going to keep all of that up.nnNow, I am drinking the poured camp coffee and lost in the zone of the album *Hatred For Mankind* by the band Dragged Into Sunlight. Sounds bad, terrible, violent, and even disgustingly evil to some, but this type of music is a mental catharsis to me – just incredibly brutal metal that rips apart a lot of the stuff out there that could be considered “Extreme Metal”. Not saying DIS is the most “crushing” band out there, but they *are* heavy as all damn.nnBack later

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