…and a turn of my mood (for the better). As STP would say “And I feeeel, so much depends on the weather…” – which I 100% agree with. But I am not here to write a 500-ish blog post about the forecast in STL currently. No, I am here to speak (write) my mind about a couple things that suit my fancy.nn1. Monster Energy drinks are carbonated rat poison. I cannot believe I consumed them as often as I did, for as long as I did. I had several (3) on the day that my dad passed away in early-2019, to stay awake while we sat with him in the ICU, and I managed to stay awake, but felt like my organs were going to collapse. And, every single person I came across on that date warned me: “that stuff is the worst, it can send you to an early grave. Stay away from energy drinks”. So, I stopped drinking them since then, and have only had a few *since* early-2019. Today was one of those days, and I had 1/5 of a can, and it will be my last. Ever. It’s like adrenalized rage in a can. Disgusting.nn2. I [wrote on the other blog](https://tmo.name/201-pounds-4-9-2022/) how I am down to 201 pounds. I continue to try to lose weight until I am down to 190 (which me and my docs want me at), and I am down *from* 244, which was my heaviest in late-2019. Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, my father had passed earlier in the year, and though everyone *else* in the family coped with grieving through food (not trying to sound crass, but it is true), I decided *right then and there* when we sat with him in the ICU that **I** was not going to go that route. And it wasn’t until I pulled myself away from my Twitter (and social media) addiction in Fall of 2019 that I was able to make good on my (self) promise to lose weight and regain my health.nn3. My apartment complex is a zoo. I woke up this morning, had coffee outside on my balcony, and watched a squirrel build a little nest in the nook of a tree in the courtyard, and birds fly around (robins, cardinals, bluejays – all probably baseball teams), and watched a woodpecker try to hammer through the gutter atop the building on the other side of the courtyard. I thought it was a plumming failure, or some other infrastructural issue going on over there. Thinking: “that can’t possibly be a damn woodpecker”, but yes, it was a woodpecker – wanting/needing whatever “food” it detected in the gutter beneath it.nn4. Mindlessness. I just sat here for a moment and thought of what was “on my mind” that I could write of next, and it’s nothing. Nothing else to quip on or take notice of.nnHope everyone is doing well 🙂

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