a true observation

I visited Kottke.org just a minute ago, a dude who has been blogging for 24 years(!) Wow! But right now he is on a sabbatical, and at the bottom of his page, I see a section called "Quick Links", and it's like a shortform, link-sharing section of his blog. And then I remembered how some people (for a time, still do) have a sort of "micro blog" section on their main, longform blog. I know that Paul Stamatiou did this, but then stopped (I think).

And I thought (not-coincidentally) to myself: "I could have a micro-update section? Or something?". But this short-lived monkey see/monkey do concept faded off pretty quick, because I remember what a creativity killer Twitter used to be (for me).

When I write, I need to A) have a concept of what to write (even if not the exact words), B) let that concept, wording, "what else can be said" just formulate organically in my brain, and C) I write it out, and that's the fun part of it all.

When I was on Twitter, I would usually piss out the initial concept in it's "beta" stage of "just thinking a thing", and after the Tweet was sent, I didn't really "have" it anymore. The initial concept came/went, so every other step following the concept would be impossible to formulate, and the blog post wouldn't get written. And then boredom would happen. And then I just stare at more Twitter.

Considering all I DO is write (it seems, sometimes), it (Twitter use) was a pretty debilitating experince.

So I left all that shit.

Maybe I'll think of more to write later, and it will be here. In longform :)

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