a trinkling of rain, a lunch of shoelace fries, and other items of life that I will make mention of

Just stepped out on the balcony. Rain comes down. Heavy, then light, then heavy. I stood there and observed, and smelled the ambiance/aroma of the rain as I sipped on a "Dr Lou" (local Dr Pepper knock off) from Schnucks, which was a "chaser" to the shoestring fries I made for lunch a moment ago.

I will go visit Neighbor "S" momentarily, perhaps when the rain settles down. He made mention yesterday that he will be without cigs until tomorrow (meaning today) evening, and that he "will be climbing the walls until his money comes in" (meaning he will be craving for cigs). I will head over there in a bit and see how he is holding up. And likely, he will enlist me to go to BP to purchase a carton for him when evening does roll around, because he is stationary due to the heat/humidity, though the STLWX is actually quite beautiful today. I don't mind at all.

Calls will be made this week to my doctor's office, to confirm the form sign-off for the Metro Call-A-Ride "professional verification", but I am giving three day's grace (which is a term for something or other - can't place what it's used in regards to) until I call her office and sort of say "hey, I need those sent back - either though snail mail or e-mail - there's sort of a time crunch with it all". I'd call my caseworker to arrange for them to be dropped off (or at least sent off), but my caseworker is on vacation until Friday.

More stuff later


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