I don't why I even took a nap so late in the evening, as I didn't plan to sleep all night, but I did, and now I am wide awake. But, worse things have happened.

At some point (maybe tonight, maybe not) I have to find a way to install the theme I want for this blog, as it resides on Github and I am not 100% sure how to get it from there to here, so I will have to figure that out. It's a much better (and much more simple) theme than the one installed on this bloggo right now, and one I have admired for a while from another blogger who uses it (even though he doesn't update very often at all).

I almost feel with a new blogging platform (here, self-hosting with Ghost software) that there should be some (new) type of blog theme, in terms of actual subject manner. But, that is simply NOT me. This place, this blog, makes perfect sense for me as an online journal (with nice professional-looking features thrown in), but outside of writing about my day, my thoughts, my life, I have little other utility for an online platform of any kind. I see rope-a-dope suckers online who are still wholesale enamored on social media usage, and they are essentially the exact same people they were 10+ years ago - an adulthood (or even a youth) totally corrupted by "feed toxicity", time lost to timelines, and usually have some sort of stunted growth as a person. It's (yet) another reason why I cannot/will not ever be able to go back to a social platform to share a life of thoughts/ideas/beliefs/feelings/etc. Too much resistance from end-readers. As if something/anything I say requires some sort of (digital) social response from a follower, or the followers. Juts let me share in written format what comes to mind and what brings me joy, sadness, ups, downs, growth, or stagnation - doing all this online puts a realness to it, as if there is a semblance of accountability, but it doesn't have to involve a social function to it. Not everything online or offline is an act of socializing. Getting an e-mail now and again is fine (very nice, actually), but what I do, and am doing, with my life (online or offline - which the lines blur sometimes) does not require the features that social media offers (in fact, it's one of the rarer features OF social media (creating any form of social engagement - as there is the concept of algorithmic isolation (or marginalization) - which is a shame because social response/interaction was the one thing any social platform ever had going for it)).

Anyhow, I hope this finds you all well. I am doing OK. Gonna brew up some coffee soon :P

Back later