Got about three hours of sleep this evening (8:00-11:00), and that is good, I suppose. But in all likelihood, it just means that I will be awake all night and nothing more, but…whatever.nnMy leg is still messed up a bit, still some swelling (mainly in the ankle, I think), and I am still doing the elevated stretch thing a couple times a day, though some may advise to keep it elevated *all* the time, which I am not doing (but I should). I think it’ll take a bit longer to heal this way, but it’ll get back to good shape eventually.nnTomorrow I will likely walk to BP *once* for a couple things, but I won’t make multiple trips in the same day or anything, because I do not want to *keep* walking on the foot/leg. Gotta take precaution where I can.nnI am going to make coffee in a tad, carry on with the night. A cigar on the balcony later in the AM.nnBack later

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