I am going to try to hammer out a multi-part “Timeline of Web Dev” for myself here, now, in this post. Starting with:nn- mid-2020 lease a $10 per month Linode VPS, decide to go with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (which was a good choice)nn- several months later, actually start to *use* Linode VPSnn- figure out most web development is done through the command line (I didn’t know this previously)nn- figure out what the `nano` command isnn- spend weeks configuring the VPS (domain Nameservers, FQDN file, HTTPS via Certbot, etc.)nn- find out I need something called a “LAMP stack” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)nn- start making, designing one page “tester” pages as .html files using simple examples from W3Schoolsnn- decide to start building the **Thanx** projectnn- spend weeks and weeks using different tutorials in “Tutorial Hell” (or, going through a series of tutorials to try to do a very specific function – I don’t recommend this, at all)nn- finally (FINALLY) memorize the simple `nano /var/www/html/blahblah` command to get into files (previously I was always checking/double-checking my Standard Notes app to see I was “nano-ing” into the right thing)nn- decide it was time to start utilizing my databse, learn some of the basics to `CREATE` and `USE` db, then creating a `TABLE`, then a `COLUMN`, etc.nn- keep learning PHP along the way with simple POST and GET functions, and eventually INSERT (into db) + a bunch of other syntax stuff, such as `` closing tags, etc.nn- figure out `ModRewrite` rules to make short(er) URLs for certain things (hard to explain in this moment)nn- decide to start doing things the “right/proper” way, and having a local dev enviro, with git, Atom (code) Editor, turn **Thanx** and all future projects into open source projects on [my Github](https://github.com/olry) (which I am more or less in the process of this step)nnSo, 14 months in – progress? I’d say so, but things *could* be going quicker. But they could be going slower, too – I say the glass is half full. nnAnd by the way, in this time, I installed Ghost software (deleted it), fired up another VPS or two in this time, had a short-lived “**liteletters**” personal, self-publishing platform (not unlike txt.fyi, or Telegra.ph) (deleted liteletters, as well (to focus 100% on **Thanx**)).nnMuch further to go, having a blast doing it all!nnTons of funnn#dev

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