For several months in 2021, I had a blog on [blot.im](https://blot.im), and it is a blog platform where all files are written in a local text editor, and then dragged/dropped via folder into a Dropbox folder, and that syncs with the blot software, and then it gets hosted onto the blot blog I owned. Not a bad service. Roughly $50 per year. Nice owner of the co, and he helped me import **thousands** of posts from W.a. Cool.nnWell, after the import, I still WROTE many, many, many posts in those three months (of course), and I still have all of those posts saved on my Joplin writing app. I have them in:n n- 16 separate folders > n- 27 to 36 files in each folder >n- and each file (blog entry) is roughly 150-350 wordsnn…but, I wanted to have ALL of them (all entries) in one, large, congruent “mega text file”, and I am calling that file “mega document”, in a folder called:nn**”blot.im (ALL OF IT!)”**nnSo, I have (so far) copy/pasted 3 of the 16 folders (and each entry within, one-by-one) in chronological order, and it is already a hefty looking chonk of text, lemme tell ya ;)nnNow, I am taking a short break, and I am about 30 minutes into the task. And one might ask -nn**why the hell do all this?**nnWell, it is an investment in my future. Or, my future enjoyment, I should say. Every now and then, on a whim, I will open “The Pi Journals Vol. 1 or Vol. 2” that I have saved on my external SSD (as well as Google Drive and pCloud Drive accounts) and re-read different sections of those journals. I wrote both of them back-to-back in early-2017, on a Raspberry Pi, in a simple text editor, and I *think* I was mostly taking a break from the Internet at that time, too. I literally would just walk to the library, come home and read a bunch, write a bunch, and spend my days doing jack shit, and I was really bored (terribly bored!) most of the time, and I would pass time by writing. Often.nnBut I like to re-look at those documents every so often. A blast from the past! So, that is what I am doing here. A blast from the (2021) past. Oddly, I didn’t say/write much about the COVID-19 pandemic in these entries (not that I can tell, anyway – but I don’t have time to read them now, I can just copy/paste). But, it is a written time capsule, and I am happy to do the labor of love :)nn**what comes next?**nnI will export all of it (which yes, I can export all this ish as 16 separate documents, and try to deal with all that crap – but doing this way is more efficient (long term), even though it is more tedious for right now), and then I will save this “mega document” as a text file (.md? .rtf? IDK) and put it on Google Drive, pCloud, and my external SSD. And then go back and re-read sometime in the future.nnFun! (sorta)nnback soonnn*EDIT* – I initially wrote that this blot blog was maintained in 2020, but it was actually 2021 that I had it. I just now started looking at the dates listed in this huge copy/paste job. So…yea.n

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