I got a customer support ticket at 11:30, thinking: “uh oh, this can’t be good – I either broke something on my end at one point, or someone is trying to hack me”. LOL! But what it turned out to be was, something was going on with the physical machine that hosts my Linode (or, hosts my VPS), and they needed to do emergency maintenance which would take between 30 and 60 minutes. Sounds bad, but will probably be ok. nnI didn’t reply to the ticket, letting them do their thing, instead.nnBut, I’ve hammered enough text on **TMO** for the eve, so I decided to write something on here, instead (as the Ghost blog will be incapacitated for a little bit, I am assuming).nnAnd I did/am violating my own (arbitrary) rule of only updating this blog via mobile phone, because it was easier to hammer this out via my laptop, instead. So here I am.nnIt will in all likelihood be a late night for me. The #stlwx temps dipped down to 66 degrees, so I will venture out onto the balcony in a bit, soak up the humidified air (rained a lot earlier), and relax a bit. nnOk, I’ll be back later

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