No plans for me. I just got back from BP an got a soda + some Tylenol, as I will likely need the Tylenol later on. I already took two of them since getting back, and have two left. Plenty of Motrin on hand, but I am not 100% sure that it helps as much as it is supposed to. The next medication dose I take will be Motrin, though, so I am not "overdoing" the Tylenol.

The SuperBowl, as I mentioned, I will not be watching. I don't plan to make an effort to find where it would be streaming, either, because I don't keep up with sports, dislike commercials/ads, and the halftime show is usually trash. So, no need to bother with it.

It is a sunny day, though, and that is very nice. Blue skies, no clouds, and a "toasty" (sarcasm) 38 degrees. So I'll take it!

back soon