Not a cloud in the sky, but only 19 degrees. Brrr.

After last night's blog post, I decided to do some research into what I could be doing and how in order to get un-stuck from my current disposition of being stuck on the Thanx Project. Did I get anywhere? Not really. I got some "leads", I suppose. I checked the Twitter API (they can be useful!), and looked at the documentation for how to handle DMs, and they, too are using some form of POST method, but things have to be configured such and such way in a JSON file, or some shit. So, I continued my search, having not ruled that out as a reference, and discovered the getElementid() command, prompt, what have you, and read further into HTML DOM and "event listeners". And I sort of decided on nothing (for now), and will revisit soon. There was a lot of talk (in help forums, StackOverflow, etc.) surrounding Twitter API and Discord API concerning a/the messageCreate or createMessage element, but, that uses an API in and of itself, and I couldn't find any documentation supporting a messageCreate or createMessage command that stands independent of some other specific, proprietary system.

The good news is, it seems I can run the whole show in JS (to a great extent), and that I can put aside having to worry about a/the db for the time being. But, of course these things (messages) would be going to/from a db of SOME kind, and perhaps I am simply just not that "read up" on the subject, yet?

Anyway, after my psychiatric appointment today (at 3:30 (via phone)), I will revisit all of this. Currently, I am trying to take a step back, and let the cloudiness clear from my brain, and see if the "cream rises to the top", or see if any individual method (mentioned above) seems to be more "legit" than the others.

Of course, good sleep would have been a welcome assistance in all of this reading/researching/etc., but no good sleep was had last night nor this morning - just a few hours. Tomorrow, the mattress arrives, Thank Dog!

back soon