a substantial statement

Filed under: saying a thing online that can never truly be understood/felt/signified, because it is online, and not conveyed through human interaction/emotion

In fact, as I write the words, I am sure the "self"-substance to the intention (though I will have/keep/cherish the words) behind them, will more or less taper off through transmission, lost in translation, diluted by writing - but here goes:

dog ownership, and not being a dog owner anymore, it means more to me in the world than anything I can imagine. To be free of that responsibility, to be absolved of that duty, to be liberated from that occupation - it's like be let out of a cage. Like the world opened up, and I can be a part of it, and go through it as-is, without an enormous "asterisk" surrounding my life, my activities, as I am and want to be, in the world.

I'm "doing better", and RE-enabled, again (for myself, and by myself).

Blog bless every day I need not tend to another creature.

on with the day!

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