So, to remedy the MacBook not connecting to PDAnet+, I decided to restart the computer (and the phone while I was at it), and when I restarted it the laptop, it went ahead and did the software update *install* for Big Sur 11.6.1 (the one that I downloaded when I was doing all the Homebrew stuff from before). So now, the Mac connects again, faith is restored again, and I will go ahead and spring for the Cricket Hotspot in December, as I know it isn’t the Mac’s inability to connect to WiFi that is the problem (just when I don’t immediately install an update I downloaded – THEN it stops connecting). nnCrazynnThe leg: it’s still fxxxed, apparently. When I went to Schnucks earlier I *oh-so-lightly* sprinted for ONE step when crossing Gebhardt Road, and that ripped the fxxxing muscle again (or whatever the initial injury was), and now it is essentially back to square one. FML.nnSo, I get to look forward to another 2 weeks (or more) of hobbling around like a broke ass until it eventually heals. Again.nnPretty grim fxxxing plight, if you ask me – I cannot *lightly* sprint, or even walk at a hurried pace from now until…forever, because my shin muscles tears itself from the bone. WTF?nnThank the Dog in Heaven that I do not have a job that requires my physical labor or/and a family counting on me or/and commitments that require physical activity. What would I tell an employer, friends, family, etc.? “Sorry my leg muscles won’t function properly because I did n activity that 99.9% of the world’s population would consider “normal””. So, what the fxxx happened? Am I just some old head that cannot keep himself from falling apart? I know I turn 38 this week, but I am turning THIRTY eight, not SIXTY eight! nnSo, I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish today. I still didn’t text the therapist because she would likely want to schedule for TODAY, and I am flat-out not in the mood for therapy at this point.nnSo, the only thing left to do is the SSH key thing. I will do that this evening. Probably. Gonna try to keep myself in a good mood in the meantime.n

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