So, I walked to Schnucks, and I bought a Red Bull, which I am slowly sipping down now, and for whatever reason, as I was walking into my apartment, mid-sip, I began to think of human behavior, human etiquette, what makes civilization CIVILIZATION, etc. *Why* this happened across my mind, I do not know. nnBut I immediately recalled being “more observant” of civilization, and how everyone IN it tends to act IN it, around the time I was 16 years old. Luckily, I am not in this “observing” state of mind any longer (perhaps it was a heightened state of mental development at the time?), but I remember being a bus boy at Ingargiola’s Restaurant in 1999, and I would be “busing” (cleaning) a table, and the waiters/waitresses would be coming to and fro, taking orders, and people were politely sitting at their tables, looking over their menus, a manager would walk through the general area here and there, “checking up” on things, and everything flowed naturally. As it would.nnAnd then I would think (briefly) as I was cleaning such and such table about where I was and what I was doing just 24 hours beforehand, when I would be back at my home, in my bedroom on a late Friday night, huddled in the corner of the room with a few friends, passing around a bong while our minds soared on LSD. We may as well have been tribal men at that time, and then: *ZAP*, back to civilization with the “normies”, the cordial people, ones who were there when one “came back” from a trip on a hallucinogen. “Milk & Cookies”, as Dr Timothy Leary put it – home to familiarity.nnI don’t recall a lot about a/the “primitive” mindset (as it was/is just as much about FEELING as it is THOUGHT), but, I still catch a glimpse of “witnessing” civilization do it’s thing. Proper deeds done amongst proper people for proper reasons and with candor and grace.nnback soonnn

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