Like I predicted, after waking up at 3:30 AM I would get in another nap before I left at 11:00. I was right, because I just awoke from a 45 minute slumber, and feel a bit better, a bit more rested.nnI’ve got a small bag (or tote) packed – tupperware that belongs to the ‘rents, my Great Nephew’s Xmas gift (going there t be wrapped), and the MacBook (for testing on the ‘rents WiFi). Fingers crossed that WiFi works out, and everything is OK (I think it will be). nnIt’s humid outside (85%) which is a change from recent weather patterns. So, I guess I will have to dress cool for the day’s #stlwx. Or #jeffcowx (I guess it would be called?), as that is where I will spend the majority of the day.nnSpeaking of Jefferson County, Missouri, I miss KJFF Radio (in Festus). I used to tune in with a cheapo radio (I forgot who the manufacturer was) in 2014 before I had the CCrane PCKT radio, and listened to local news, but also to Coast To Coast AM (when it was still AM and not FM). Those were good old days when a “conspiracy theory” was nothing more than “Big Foot came from the moon”, and “the Pyramids were built by aliens”, that sort of thing. Now, with all kinds of shit promoted by and taken as actual gospel by people on the far right, conspiracy theories are no longer “just for fun” to listen to (in the case of CTC AM radio), or watch videos about, etc. People genuinely believe that shit and take it as a form of reality (which they are not), and actually act out on some of their batshit beliefs. It’s crazy as fxxx.nnBut I don’t divulge in that stuff anymore. Be it about the chupacabra or the yeti or whatever the hell else. It’s too mixed and matched and intermingled with a lot of other bad shit that doesn’t need to be a part of the societal dialogue.nnBut on the subject of the radio, I still want to get a nice stand-mounted one by CCrane. Something I can put at an angle (with a built-in speaker) on the ashtray stand next tot he easy chair and listen to stuff while I sit up at night with the breeze coming int hrough the sliding glass door. Sounds like some “old man” type of shit, but really, just sitting and listening while having coffee in the middle of the night can be one of the most peaceful things. Even if it is just world updates from BBC Radio at 3:00 AM.nnAnyway, I’m getting birthday texts now, so I will be back in a little bit.

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