Want to hear something that is “wild” (but also true), that is so damn simple that it’s *infuriating* when you stop and think about it?nnCovid-19, the Delta variant, and even the Omicron variant can be ended in a fairly short period of time (even without vaccines, believe it or not) **IF** people self-quarantine, social distance, wear masks, and are simply careful with how they live their lives.nnNow, this also means no international travel, no “major” travel of any kind, no packages being delivered to your door (think a min wage Amazon employees is sterilizing *anything*? Lol), no dining out, no get-togethers, no public school, no public gatherings of *any* kind, and so on and so forth.nnAnd do we do that? No, of course not. We have the answers and technology to stop the pandemic and be in a pandemic-free world, and we plum won’t do it. Womp, womp :/nnPeople are…just, impatient buggers who can’t sit tf still, and have to NOT be disturbed nor deterred in any form or fashion from living “tHeIr BeSt LiVeS” on a 24/7 basis. If they want to travel internationally, or eat at a restaurant, or anything else – they do precisely that. No fxxx’s given for other humans on Earth.nnIt doesn’t matter. I mean the future of human existence on Earth is the *only* thing at stake, so don’t be distracted with the pesky worst-case-scenario’s that you see/hear/read about, that is those of debilitating longterm effects of having *survived* a severe COVID infection, or the miserable death that comes with a fatal infection, or the loved ones you care about, or anything else. nnYOU MATTER! BE FREE! Everyone is stupid except YOU! nnIt’s the privilege mindset gone astray to think viral infections cannot INFECT them! How stupid is that!?nnThat’s all. That’s the end of the cathartic rant. Hope everyone out there is doing good and stays safe.n

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