I don’t know where this fits in with regards to being healthy/unhealthy. Grilled cheese *I* would classify as UNhealthy, but a few a month doesn’t hurt. Two did the trick tonight, and I made them so late because I slept from ~7:00 – 10:00 PM, just worn out from a day that (though busy) seemed to be “lost” to time.nnSome days are like that, some are not, but it was nice to have a “normal”, non-holiday feeling day this late into the holiday season, as sort of a break from it all. Some years, the holidays seem important to me, other years, I can either take ’em or leave ’em. But, since Xmas last year was essentially cancelled (besides a Zoom call) due to COVID, I am trying to “absorb” the holiday season a bit more this year. Besides, it will be my Great Nephew’s first Xmas (though, he won’t remember it with him being so young), and that is always a special time.nnI started (more) coffee just now, and will try not to overdo it with the instant stuff, I think, due to the liver numbers. BUT, I think it is more medication-related more than anything else (the high liver numbers, that is). Medications (in my experience) tend to start to lose their effectiveness (over time) and the meds I take will simply “stagnate” in the body, and not process as well after taking them for some number of years. So, perhaps January will see a medication change for me? I’ve mentioned it numerous times before over the past 6+ months, and I think it is around time to do just that. It *might* be an improvement in mood, but I don’t see things taking a turn for the worse, either. So, it would be a “safe” time to do so, I think. And hopefully, find a *single* medication that doesn’t have adverse liver reactions – that would be best. Not that multiple medications are a problem right now, as I stopped taking the Lexapro I am prescribed *well* over two years ago, but my doctor doesn’t want to take me off of it, even though I told her I won’t take it, but…doctors gonna doctor. Haha. Instead, I stick with *just* Abilify (+ a stomach med) and that seems to work.nnSo, onto the coffee! Back later!nn

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