Had a sunny and cool walk over to Schnucks just now, got some grub, and some soda, etc. Just a nice morning here, with therapy happening on Wednesday (tomorrow) instead of today, which is fine. I also have to do laundry at some point before Xmas Day, and I also have to do some “big” grocery shopping before then, as well.nnAnd on Xmas Day Eve, after the get together at the ‘rents house, I will go to the my sister “C’s” house to watch the dogs for around 24 hours while they take a road trip to the next state over to visit with my brother-in-law’s family. Then, it will be back to Oakville after that, and I will schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 booster first thing next week. Fingers crossed that I do not have too many side effects.nnAs for Xmas Eve, itself, I *think* I am just staying in here, not doing anything particularly special on that night. nnAs for today, taking it easy on this day, as well. Back soon.

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