Went to the Elk’s Lodge, the memorial service was brief, but still good. They did a fantastic job at my father’s funeral in 2019, it’s worth repeating. nnNow, I am home sweet home just 25 minutes after the memorial was over, having a pop and a Lucky, and tracking a an order through the USPS site. Seems to be taking a while but I think there are no more stops for the package between here and Richmond, VA. – will be straight to St Louis by tomorrow morning. All is good.nnOvercast day. Chilly. Not too exciting.nnLaundry later. Actually, it will be at 6:00 AM tomorrow (Monday) like usual, I think. No rush. That’s another part of a “routine” that I have noticed in the past six months or so – doing laundry at 6:00 Monday mornings. And I *used* to keep a routine of web dev stuff at night, but usually it occurs during the day (that is, *when* I can do dev activities and have proper Internet).nnOn the subject of Internet connectivity, I just double-checked the PDAnet.co/install site, and they still haven’t updated to a proper (functioning) app for macOS Monterey, so it may be a while before I can jump back into dev stuffs (I am currently using a proxy which doesn’t allow me to SSH into my VPS, so…).nnBack at it soon.

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