Sun is out, it is chilly, and just a nice day overall. So I walked to BP, got a pack of Luckies to hold me over until the tobacco order arrives, and a couple Mt Dew Live Wire sodies, as well. Very unhealthy way to start the day, indeed, but it is what it is this morning. Can’t be good 1000% of the time! LOL!nnSo, today will be kind of a “waiting” day, at least for a little while, while I wait for the tobacco order to arrive + the Missouri Real ID to arrive. Will the debit card arrive today? IDK. I hope today at some point (or at least soon). nnWill a hike happen later? Maybe. Depends on the #stlwx (which I am sure will be beautiful), so it is possible. If not, tomorrow, because Wednesday I have a phone appointment, as well as receiving the desk (woohoo ), and then Friday I have an in-person appointment, so, kind of a busy week a little bit. A good thing. nnLast night, I read up on some stuff needed for the **Thanx** Project, and I think I will need to use an `eventListener` combined with assigning an `id` to the `textarea`, and then “echoing” the content of the `textarea` onto the page where the messages are going (a/the user’s profile). nnA lot of stuff. More on that later. nnBack soon

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