a scheduling success! (about friggin' time!)

I have successfully scheduled transportation to/from IC for this Friday. Leaving my apartment at 8:00 AM, and departing IC at the end of the day at 4:30 PM! Nice!

So, a full day up there, and I am very much so looking forward to it.

I struck out with their scheduling dept (reservation line) every single morning, seven days a week for nearly two weeks now, so I was surprised that they not only had a time open for Fri morning, but also a return trip avail in the afternoon. And, IC OPENS at 8:30 (when I'll arrive) and CLOSES at 4:30 (when I depart IC). Convenience incarnate! LOL!

So that's a total relief, and I also left a message with my caseworker to let her know that I do not need her to pick me up from IC Fri, which was the plan if I could only book for a morning trip there, which even that looked unlikely due to the continual "let downs" of the past two weeks. But it all worked out, this time.

So, Friday to look forward to! Thank Dog!


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