Just had one out on the balcony just now. A good, filling, excessive smoke, lol! Definitely a thing of gluttony, having a $6 cigar that lasts maybe 20 minutes. It was a super short, nubby thing, too. And I hope I didn’t smell up the whole courtyard when I was having it, but, it is 1:00 AM anyway, so I don’t think anyone was out and about.nnI am a one cigar a year type of guy (like the late Matches860), just one to remind me of what they taste like, and then I am good for another year, haha. Didn’t have it with espresso, though. Opting for a cold Diet Pepsi, instead, because I knew the thing was gonna burn my lips, and it did, but it was still enjoyable. nnAnd that concludes the 1:00 AM Monday Morning Smoke on the Balcony, which has been a tradition almost *every* Monday morning since moving into this apartment unit over a year ago. Except when it is crazy hot/humid outside, then I try to not go outside at all.nnGonna try to get some shut-eye in a little bit here, I think, but I don’t see that happening with caffeine + nicotine running through my system, so, an all-nighter perhaps?nnBe back later

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