So, *that* was fun! I just left the [Remark.as/cafe](https://remark.as/cafe) meetup, along with a few other bloggers/writers, and it was cool to meet some folks! I won’t mention everyone who stopped in (and the gathering was relatively small, really), but shout out to [Noisy Deadlines](https://noisydeadlines.net/) and [Micro Matt](https://micro.baer.works/) for making the first Remark.as Meetup a good one! I think we want to have them every Saturday in the Remark.as/cafe, so please DO stop in and chit chat with folks of “our kind”, lmao!nnPlenty to discuss, but I think the software used will become IRC sometime in the future, because there were some connectivity issues here and there. I trudged through it, though ;)nnI also trudged through hunger pains and glancing over at my countertop in the kitchen covered in fresh fruit, which I didn’t take a break to eat any of, because I was preoccupied with random questions, answers to *my* questions, and just general inquiries to/from everyone in attendance. nnI haven’t used an chatroom since the early-2000’s AOL days, and it was a nice experience.nnAnyway, I need to eat. Until next Saturday!nn(I also need to charge this laptop, too, because my battery is low af from using it non-stop for 1hr 45 mins)nnback soon

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