So since we had a good time at the Remark.as Meetup this past Saturday, we decided to have *another* one (in fact, we wanted to make this a weekly thing **before** even having the first one!). Details are on Discuss.write.as [here](https://discuss.write.as/t/a-remark-as-meetup-another-one/5656), so check it out :)nnIn the meantime, I am randomly popping into the [Remark.as Cafe](https://remark.as/cafe) and seeing a couple faces (names) here and there, and seeing what they’re up to. The IRC incarnation of this chat works out good, too, after I figured out some things I was doing wrong.nnNo dedicated IRC client in-use on the MBA, yet. Nor on mobile, and it will stay that way on mobile.nnAnd speaking of MBA, a new MacBook Air got announced by Apple today at WWDC, and there is a dark “midnight” color of it, and it has MagSafe, M2 processor, and is X% faster, so that is cool. I guess. I’m good with my 10th Gen Intel MBA, so, no upgrades here.nnAlso, iOS 16 will predict the future and iPad OS will support a new iPad that can fold out into a 26 inch Liquid Plasma XDR display with projector capabilities. Actually none of those things are true, but I hear the MBA got a better camera, at least.nnback soon

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