So, I put a post on Discuss.write.as [suggesting a meetup on Remark.as](https://discuss.write.as/t/a-remark-as-meetup/5554) via the chat feature atop the public comments on Remark.as/cafe. A time/date would have to be arranged (by anyone and everyone attending), but first we have to see if there is “critical mass” to get people to show up. Even one or two (or ten!) people would be cool!nnI’d like to chit-chat with some (any) of you, and get to know more people who use Write.as – in real time! :)nnIf you use Discuss.write.as, leave a comment there. If you use Remark.as, you can leave a comment on this post (if you like). Either way, reach out, and we can chitty chat in the Cafe :)nnlater

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