...to think things through.

I have the Thanx Project going, which I enjoy doing, and I am interested in seeing it (the entire Web app) come to "completion", but no matter how many "leads" I get (or I should say, how many solutions I come up with to solve the section I am stuck on), my brain has a complete and utter freeze-up when it comes time to "think things through", and just PUT things into action. It's like my mind reaches a "limit" and I won't put in the mental elbow grease to just figure out what the hell it is I need to figure out to DO the task at-hand.

This has little to do with the actual steps involved or the technology behind it (these elements (on their own) I can comprehend and get a grip on, for the most part) - it is more my OWN mental clutter, and inability to think thoroughly and clearly to determine (OK, do this while juggling this and then make that happen over there, etc.). It's like my own psychological RAM (Random Access Memory) is "FULL", and I need to "clear the cache" and have more clarity and confidence in whatever the hell it is I am trying to legit DO - be it with building a web application, or what to make for supper, or whatever the fuck.

I am very glad I wrote out this journal entry, cause now I know what is plaguing me - mental clutter! I need to make some damn headroom for...EVERYTHING!

back soon