I made fried veggies and quinoa and had it on a wrap with mayo - nice. It's the first real, and cooked, meal I had today. I just kind of "slacked off" in terms of shopping, so, that will have to be done tomorrow. First thing.

Now, I welcome in the night, and will try my best to get some good sleep before I start laundry at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Brilliant.

But I'm totally awake for now

I hope everyone's having a good time tonight, whatever it is people are "up to" out there. I honestly cannot imagine what people do with their days/lives at this point in human existence. Whatever it is, I have total faith that it is interspersed and interrupted in a consistent manner with notifications, random scrolling fits, and perhaps some bings, chimes, and bells, and anything else to remove away attention from...reality. I, too, am sort of the same with when it comes to using my laptop or/and finding (deliberate) distractions to occupy my time. I don't have notifications turned on on any device (and hardly touch my phone), but I DO make a consorted effort to "dig into" some random BS on the Firefox Browser on my MacBook multiple (hundreds?) of times per day. I feel no shame nor apprehension with all this, because in terms of The State Of The Internet 2022(TM), it's honestly all anyone has in terms of digital stimulation these days. Some people mix in a bit of Netflix, too, but I just prefer YouTube, because traditional shows/movies don't amuse me much at all (never have). Blog posts happen here and there, too, but those are just my (longform) status updates about whatever I feel necessary to write about at the time. I do other shit, too (out in The Real World), but the vast majority of my time is spent doing some digital activity in one form or another.

I don't want any of this to come across as (too) cynical, but I just see the world in this way. It's definitely better than whatever we might have had before (maybe? I don't know - not much memory of that time). So, here we are. You, and I, and WE are all here. Welcome to whatever you make of it.


back soon