a (rant-y) note on YouTube stuffs

YouTube autoplay. FFS, stop.

I know I can toggle to turn off autoplay when a video ends (which I have, many times before, and it always finds a way to turn itself back on), but what's more important is Channel autoplay videos. I want to go to any channel I want, see what their offerings are (which means taking another step and clicking on videos, because that isn't the page it goes to automatically, for whatever reason), and their "Homepage" has an autoplay video on it. The "Channel Trailer".

I hate this

So, so, SO many times I just want to visit a channel and check some shit out, click and see if there'd be A video I am interested in, or I am sometimes listening to music on Tidal, and I visit a YT channel, and their autoplay shit starts, and I have to hear that blaring over my music, ruining everything.

I don't know if there is an option to NOT have a featured video on any given channel, but if you upload content to YT, and they allow you to forgo that feature, please do!

It will likely fuck up algorithm's favorability of the channel, or bring down overall viewcount, or get the fucking channel banned in some form or fashion through some AI-promoted method of...whatever the fuck, but it's a thing YT is more or less forcing upon the creators there (which YT has the nerve to call "YouTube creators" - uh, no, they're vloggers, film-makers, creatives, and artists, and would be doing ALL of this stuff despite YouTube being the platform they're forced to host their stuff on - it's not FOR YouTube!)).

Anyhow, /rant. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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