I’m just fooling around out of boredom now, haha. I dug out the MX Keys keyboard from the closet and paired (*eventually*) to the G7 Power phone, and an using the keyboard to type out this blog post. It’s an extravagant setup for mobile typing, for sure – a $110 keyboard with a $230 phone. But, it works out OK. First, I had to disconnect the MX Keys from the MBA, which I had forgotten to do and was sitting there wondering why the BT connection wouldn’t show up on the phone – obviously I cannot connect the keyboard to both the phone and the laptop at the same time! Haha. There *is* a “hot swap” key where I can use them interchangably, but I couldn’t get that to work :/nn**Why bother doing this at all?**nnAgain, boredom. It’s 3:50 AM, I am very well rested and I want to have some silly thing to do so I thought I would try this. And also maybe to bring back some memories of the glory days of being “mobile-only”, which I did from 2016-2018, or so. Some Raspberry Pi computers were bought/used/fried in that time period, too, but they were not reliable whatsoever.nnAlso, as I used to profess back then, having a mobile device as my *only* computing device means there are less “attack surfaces” for me to worry about, at least in terms of “what if I lose my laptop?” or “what if someone steals my phone?”, etc. If I am always using my phone, or always have the phone on my person, then I don’t have a laptop sitting back at home, or a coffee shop (which I never patronize anymore), or wherever to worry about. I just *always* have my one and only computing device with me always, all the time. nnThat way of thinking may have come from reading too much #infosec Twitter back in those days, but the reasoning made sense to me. In fact, it was “infosec Twitter” that made me want to initially buy a Yubikey 5C hardware security key for 2FA on some of my online accounts, even though I rarely use the thing in-practice. A hardware key makes sense, but I don’t think it is 100% necessary for a guy like me. But, I’ll still use it for my Google account, for sure.nnAnother thing I notice with mobile blogs, is that I write *even longer* when I am on a mobile device, be it a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard. I just feel the NEED to fill more space even though there is less space in front of me. Weird.nnOK, back laternnn

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