a quick morning coffee, conversing, neighborly visits

I got up (an hour ago), had instant coffee, and recognized that my dry mouth I was experiencing with my morning joe was affiliated with the dirty/grimy/bacteria-ridden Weber pipe I have. It's been used and used and used and used, and it needs to be cleaned, reemed out, and treated with pipe sweetener in order to get rid of the bacteria buildup within. I will do eventually, for now I just "cob it".

But the joe was two sips in, and I ventured out onto my balcony and I see my neighbor "K", and his dog, Ringo (no attempt at anonymity for the doggo - his name/info cannot be stolen online ;))

I talked to both of them, remembering dogs must be talked to, too. And as we spoke I realized just how badly I needed the coffee to kick in before I try talking, lol! I was stammering and puttering out words, as my brain was deprived of caffeine that I am used to every moment of the day post-morning-mug.

Good talking with him. Then I went to visit Neighbor "S", and we spoke momentarily over a cig. Nothing much going on there.

on wih the day

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