It has been quite some time since I had/did a Tweetstorm (hammering out a boatload of tweets in a short period of time), because it has been 2.5 years since I have been ON Twitter. But, I kinda do the Tweetstorm thing in blogform writing sometimes, too – just hammer out whatever comes to mind. So that is the name of the game for right now. nnSo, I pop in a piece of nicotine gum (as I am outta smokes), and sit on this hotel couch, with my feet propped on the coffee table, and think of ish to write. Good deal. I will head down to the lobby to await the shuttle at 6:00 AM. In three hours. nnAlso, I am putting my mind/attitude into a kind of “head check” mode, because I was so exhausted/shitty yesterday, that all I could think of was the shittiness of the hotel (not that I even like hotels, at all) and the huge delay on Amtrak, so Now I am aiming for positivity. And also being optimistic and just enjoying the ride. I DO want to giddy up though, for sure. nnSo, I feel ok. Rested a bit. Caffeinated. Several hours until we are at the station again. I am not sure which train it will be, as it *was* train 27, and now it will be a different train, so we will see if it even *has* a different # or if they are renamed on the fly. We’ll see. nnAlso, this is the furthest West I have been. Been that case since Wisconsin, I think. And yes, the northern states confuse the heck out of me, I get them mixed up and where they are and everything is a cluster. nnAnyway, I will wrap this up so it isn’t *too* much of a ramble, and I will start out the day with coffee and a blueberry muffin, as suggested by my buddy Mike (who has taken a similar Amtrak journey before) :)nnFun times. Optimism. nnBack soon.

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