I wrote three different posts earlier, all completely unrelated to one another, I cannot recall what any of them are about (or *were* about – they’re gone, haha). A large paragraph each, but I deleted them before I expanded too far on them, because I lost interest. That’s the name of the game for the past couple of months: deleting about as many posts as I “publish”. I am breaking my own “rules”, or, my own personal guidelines for what I do when I write something – just put my fingers on the keyboard, stare at the screen, get a head start with writing what’s on my mind, hammer out whatever I feel like saying, and then hit “publish”. But, I “violate” my own guidelines as of recent months, because I’ve noticed in the past year (or more) that I become *very* attached to what I’ve said in a post. Like a post is a mile marker, or a mood setter for a period of the day, and I sort of have it in the back of my mind. If I write about how I am upset, I will just BE upset until I write something more uplifting again. And vice versa. That’s kind of how it goes with me – I am very attached to the stuff I write.nnLosing interest againnnpublish

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