a post for "Paula's Pen"

There is another publication that IC has, and it is released a bit less frequently, from what I understand. It is called "Paula's Pen", and it is a collection of writing, fiction/non-fiction, poetry, artwork, etc. and it is assembled in a sort of "zine-like" format, and the next issue will be distributed at IC Thanksgiving. I will be attending IC Thanksgiving, and I will have a story for that publication.

The due date/deadline for it is October 17, and I have it in my Standard Notes app that I need to

A) WRITE the story

B) have it submitted before October 17 to the IC e-mail for their Copy Center (which is where I sort of "start" my days at IC, usually - I go there first on the Upper Level and then see what kind of duties/tasks I can do for the day)

C) speak to the person who edits both the IC Newsletter and Paula's Pen (a woman named "J" (or I "initial" her J - because I only put people's initials on the blog)), and ask how many words I am allowed, or how many words would be ideal

Subject matter/topic for said story

I will likely go with a personal experience essay. As I write all of those on a whim with little issue. I will not reverse-engineer a story (or, I will not dig up something old from the archive of this blog, or whatever) as I would do for a copy of The Zine Around The Corner, because I want to write something unique, original, and new, and something that members/staff at IC will benefit from/enjoy.

I am going to write it soon (tonight?), and I am looking forward to it.


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