I walked down to Walgreens on South Telegraph just now. Across the street from the entrance to Cliff Cave Park. I went there to use their kiosk for Western Union, as I am expected a bit of money (on loan), but when I sat down to do the transaction, a pop-up window notified me that Western Union is not an option at that Walgreens location. I asked the clerk if they *ever* offer WU, and he said, “we DO offer that, people pick up money all the time”. So he had another employee come to the photo register, and he was going to “troubleshoot” the machine, or whatever, and he said that it was down on Western Union’s side of things. So, I guess WU is down everywhere? I *could* walk to the Walgreens on North Telegraph (they are literally 1.2 miles apart), but that wouldn’t work either, because (duh!) all of WU is down :/nnThe North Telegraph kiosk is a POS though, anyway. It takes forever for each screen to load, and last time I had to have a manager plug in a wired mouse to get it to recognize the drop-down menu on the state selection. I don’t trust that machine, so I will go back to the Walgreens on *South* Telegraph WHEN they (WU) are back in operation. I have no clue when that will be, though. Tomorrow? Monday? We’ll see.nnIt’s 8:00 AM now. I stopped at the laundromat for a Mt Dew, and am without a hell of a lot of grub nor beverage in the apartment (hence the WU), but I will have to “tough it out” until things become operational. I *have* some stuff, though, so I will not starve/die.nn**Sidenote**nnThe [Remark.as Meetup is happening today at 1:00 PM CST](https://discuss.write.as/t/remark-as-meetup-a-third-one/5678/3), so anyone who wants to stop in, please do. Meet other bloggers/writers/people of the Web – be cool and kind :)nnIt happens in the [Remark.as Cafe](https://remark.as/cafe) (above the actual comments section) and uses IRC, so it seems to be fairly stable from what I can tell (the chat, itself, that is). I pop into the Remark.as Cafe a few times a week (usually once a day) to see if I can catch anyone in a one-off moment, but so far, the only time I have caught anyone in there was when I “ran into” [Matt](https://micro.baer.works/) on random. Also a couple other people at different times, but usually the “gathering” seems to be at or around the Remark.as Meetup time frame. It seems to be what works best for people, so…cool.nnYep, a few hours to go.nnback soonnnP.S. I submitted my [Unmedia](https://write.as/tmo/unmedia-by-tmo) story I wrote a while back to a small zine, so I hope they get back with me, decide to publish it :)nnI will update when I hear more

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