Went to Crusoe's Restaurant, had lunch with the moms, my sister, "C", and my niece, and it was a good conversation, and very good food (Crusoe's has pretty incredible pizza). I got a 9 inch 'za, because I wasn't that hungry, but it hit the spot, indeed.

Still freezing cold outside. Still sunny, as well. Came home, sparked a pipe of VA/Per pipe tobacco, sat back, relaxed (in the sun rays), and now I hammer a blog post ;)

I wasn't able to pick up Bic lighters when I was out and about, because making a special stop at a gas station or whatever would have been out of the way (that, and everyone was riding together), so I will just buy the Bic's in-bulk at Schnucks tomorrow (+ pipe cleaners + Bic razors). I think I am heading out of here around 12:30 PM tomorrow to do some significant grocery shopping. Will likely buy a few "household goods" items while I am there, too.

So, the rest of the day's plans? Stay inside. 20F outside right now, with low-single-digits overnight. And getting colder so we may even see zero degrees overnight in the next couple of nights. Wow!

back soon