The new (super-hyped, overblown) movie Don't Look Up is a perfect example of why I do not ever watch movies anymore. I probably haven't seen a movie (like a full, feature-length movie - not including documentaries) in well over seven years. The trailers for most (if not all) movies these days are overly comical, and cheesier than Cheez-Its wrapped in cheese, and I cannot watch them. Ironically, the good trailers (anything with Joaquin Phoenix) turn out to be horrendous movies (again, anything with Joaquin Phoenix). But movies, man, they simply don't do it for me. It's just famous people tryharding for academy awards and acting to act and their desperation bleeding out through the deliberate make-believe they play. I don't like it - probably never did.

I can't "replace" them and say "such and such is better", either. Movies are their own thing. Their own medium. Their own bubble of 1% priviledge which exist because...they can. It always confused me as to what the utility (if any) are of movies? I mean, books spread/preserve knowledge (sometimes, not always - some people write up make believe stuff (fiction)), documentaries kinda/sorta do something similar, or at least tell a tale in visual form that either must or should be told (most of the time) - so, maybe I should look at feature length movies as I do music? A medium that is there for sheer entertainment and no other purpose can be derived from it/them?

...OK. Got me there. Of course, I will always enjoy and be healed by music, which I cannot say the same for movies. So maybe it comes down to the individual's personality - some are music people, some are movie people, and some are both?

Doesn't matter. Just taking notice

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