a note on boredom, and boredom consolidation

Two examples, two forms of boredom (in this example):

1) bored from lack of inoculation. Or, bored from not "being high" on whatever the person gets high on - alcohol, drugs (both of those things are drugs, but...yea), gambling, social media, video games, etc.

2) bored from lack of normal/everyday stimulation or activity. Or, there is no authentic / natural events occurring around the person, so they experience boredom.

The second one, that's ok. That boredom happens (as it will with all people for the rest of time), and can/should be dealt with, "supplemented", consolidated, etc.

The first one, that is a bit of a Tough Love(TM) type of scenario from where I'm sitting. I almost want to be the cranky old man and say, "nope, you've had too many yum yums. You need a Time Out and just feel ok with feeling ok again, and then you can do other stuff/feel other things after that."

But me, I am more in(to) a mode of figuring out, a type of natural, organic type of boredom consolidation. Be it entertainment, mild types of Internet amusement, and, of course, good old "gettin' out in the world" and seeing things, doing stuff, meeting people, and exercising.

It's a good thing

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