There’s that word again, vibes. A word that has been used for generations but has become synonymous with Gen Z, which is perfectly OK, but no matter who is using the word, it’s just an overused word these days, I feel – like the word “aesthetic”. Bleh!nnAnyhow, turned off all lights except the stove light, oven light, and the fireplace light, and now I am sitting in the mostly dark, having coffee, and a pipe, thinking, ruminating, planning world domination ;)nnSo, two items have yet to be shipped – the Xmas gift for my Great Nephew, and the wall tapestry which is coming from China, I believe (via Etsy). The gift I am excited to give to my Great Nephew (on Xmas Day, that is), and the tapestry is scheduled to arrive just before Xmas, and it will be hung in the living room straight away. I mentioned it before, the foggy haze going through the pine trees in…whatever region of the world – PNW, BC, Norway, wherever. It looks like the cover of the movie poster for *Until The Light Takes Us*, which was another selling point for ordering it. That, and I just adore nature.nnTo say that this apartment is becoming “Cabincore” is an understatement. Between the red flannel blanket over the easy chair, to the faux fireplace, to the forested tapestry, it’s practically Walden’s Pond over here, lol!nnBack later

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