11:45 PM, 42F outside, and breezy, according to the wind chimes. I put on coffee, and am ready to be up fairly late. I feel good. The leg feels good. The foot feels good. In fact, the foot *always* felt good, but now it is un-swollen and *looks* good, too :)nnI am also charging the devices – the phone is charging as I tether to the MacBook (in a half-assed/half-baked sort of way), and the MacBook is charging as I type this. Nice.nnAnd as I said, a nice, quiet evening here. Outside of my neighbor blaring her TV, which I am used to now.nnAlso, I am wondering if there is anything I could be doing with the Bear Blog blogging platform. I mean, I am all for doing the Jekyll/Github Pages thing (it is how I will learn/discover git stuff, or how I will *teach* myself the “protocol” (I guess it would be called)). But, BB can co-exist, too. But to be honest, I am not too worried about it. I just don’t want to feel like I am being stretched thin, is all.nnAnyhow, the coffee is good, and I am thinking of stuff to write about, haha. And though the coffee is good, I’d give my soul for a soda right now. I need something cool, refreshing, and caffeinated. But, coffee will have to be enough (until 9:00 AM, when BP opens).nnAt 6:00 AM I will start laundry. Last Tide Pod, and last bit of money on the laundry card (actually I have enough to do one more load after this, but still, getting low – and I still won’t have anymore Tide Pods, so, need to re-stock there). And I am very much so looking forward to having clean, fresh clothes to put on, as I have been wearing “laundry day” clothes for two days now. Bland, uninspired threads.nnMore good news, I can wear the New Balance shoes again (the ones I got *for* my birthday, but *on* October 25 (before my birthday)). I had to loosen up the laces on the right shoe (due to foot swelling), but they fit OK again now! πŸ™‚ Soon, I will re-lace the right shoe to be “normal” again, once the swelling in the foot fully subsides. Either way, I will be able to wear them for Thanksgiving, and that is better than Xero Shoes “Jesus” sandals (even though I *love* those for the Summer time).nnAnd this is a self reminder to text the sisters and the moms tomorrow to ask what they would like for Xmas, as I will be ordering whatever they ask for in early-December. They may be going out Black Friday shopping, or my sister *used* to do that in the middle of Nowhere Illinois (where there were less people, and it was safe) back in the day, but nowadays, I think they do the Cyber Monday thing (like most sane people do).nnBlack Friday is a fxxxing evil event, lemme tell ya. But I won’t go on a rant about that here.nnThe budget already has the gifts accounted for, and I will be spending between $35-$50 on each sister, and $50 on the moms (for whatever she wants). And the Great Nephew has already been bought for (got a little Winnie The Pooh towel/blanket for him for after bath time, which has a little hood with little bear ears on it – friggin’ adorable!).nnFinished the coffee, on with the night!

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