a nice evening workout

resistance bands. Same sets/reps. Feels very nice. The front-leaning rest (yoga) pose, too.

All in a day (well, every other day - I don't do strength training daily).

Reflecting on the day, which I suppose is an ok thing to do every now and again (instead of being completely absorbed in the moment), I have good/bad things to say about it. Well, only one bad thing to say about it, and that was the poolside BBQ anti-social gathering. I've never felt so put-off - those people genuinely wanted me to scram, I think.

The rest of the day, A-OK. Neighbor "S" was holding up well earlier in the day, the workout I had just now was divine, I watched a bunch of YT comedy videos - hysterical. And I think I finalized my budget, as well. Cut out some things, added nary an item more.

It's all good


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