I dreamt that I was making pancakes, and that I accidentally poured syrup in the frying pan during the cooking process, and it caused the pancake to break apart and rot, and black smoke went everywhere, and there was an intolerable fried sugar aroma in the room.

Odd. But I woke up and make Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal, anyway. As well as black coffee.

tooth admin

I am pretty sure I have some sort of infected something with the tooth. The tooth itself doesn't hurt very much (due to daily Tylenol + dead nerve-endings at this point, I am sure), but, there is a small spasm pain that goes through the upper-jaw and into my cranium every so often, so I think it is an infection, much like I had before in my lower-jaw just before I had that molar removed.

I know that on Tuesday (the 21st, I think) I will be calling the emergency dental clinic and seeing about antibiotics or/and an extraction. And I might call the clinic on the Tuesday before then (this upcoming Tuesday), as I will have a ride to the clinic during part of that week, too. So it goes like this:

  • I will call this upcoming Tuesday (the day after tomorrow) early in the AM, and if they can see me sometime Wednesday, then I will go in
  • If they have nothing that Wednesday, then I will have to call back the following Tuesday to go in the following Wednesday or Thursday
  • Antibiotics at first, and then a follow-up for the extraction(s)

I will, of course, keep plenty of Tylenol and Motrin on hand up until then and after, because regardless of what heavy-duty painkiller they prescribe, I will NOT take it, because I have no interest in opioid-based medications.

So, a double-extraction, of molars, and they are the very back molars on the upper-right-hand side of my jaw. After the extraction is done, and healed, things are going to be difficult to chew, I am sure. So some form of partial retainer will need to be fitted, at some point. Of course I am not going to bother with a dedicated "partial" (for false tooth that stays in the tooth "socket"), as that is too costly/painful, and also totally unnecessary.

And also, in time, it is quite likely that I will end up my my Grandpa "P" and need dentures by the time I am in my early-50s, I cannot rule that out, either. And I mean full dentures - all teeth. I am ok with this (I have no choice), because denture upkeep (I am thinking mostly about the "whiteness" of them) is easier to maintain than legit teeth. I mean, I brush my teeth once, sometimes twice a day, and I always swish water around in my mouth every time I have a drink (unless there are damaged teeth giving me pain, like recently), and my teeth just continue to degrade. Soda doesn't help. And a high fruit diet is supposed to contribute to expedited dental rot, as well (like a monkey or some shit). And, like Grandpa "P", I drink a fair amount of coffee, as well. And also he consumed fruit fairly often, from what I remember.

This is what I got for now. Back soon.