One thing I don't like about this apartment is that I don't really get good sunSETS or sunRISES, I just sort of have to take what I can get. But the apartment, itself, is right in the sun, so this place sort of cooks throughout the day, and blackout curtains are going to be a necessity for me this Summer, for sure. But for now, the snow is melting outside and it is 56 degrees out there, so I have my sliding glass door open as the sun sets and I am making coffee.

The v-neck tee's arrived (woot!), so that's good. Wearing one now. Comfy. Dapper. I love stuff from Fruit of the Loom, because everything fits me just right from there :)

Wow! This is bold ass coffee!

new meds arriving soon

So, my new meds (that I will take in conjunction with my current meds, for a time) are arriving tomorrow, and the USPS shipping label has been created, and I am ready to "give them a whirl", and see if they help with my overall mood. After a month (if everything is going well), I will switch to that medication exclusively, and no longer take my current medication. I will, of course, continue on the prescription strength Nexium (generic), as well as Vitamin D - so nothing changes there.

I hate having to take meds, though. But, I gotta do it! I am generally a wreck without them. Especially my stomach meds that are a lifesaver when I have them (which is usually always) and life sucks whenever I happen to NOT have them - total necessity.

Also, plans have been confirmed for tomorrow afternoon. Will go to the 'rents and do the aforementioned tasks/duties/etc., including laundry and grocery shopping. So, it will be sort of a busy day. And hopefully, my Wyze floorlamp will be waiting on my doorstep when I arrive back here. That will be hella cool :)

So, another day "in the bag" sort of. Nothing too mythical happening in my neck of the woods. Getting through OK.

back soon