Made it to BP again, this time I bought a soda and smokes (bastion of health right here). But then I visited with my neighbor, Steven, for a while (he turns 70 in a month and a half!) and just BS'd with him a while. Then, off to Schnucks for some mandatory goods. After that, I had a late-lunch, and tried to get some sleep as I didn't get a whole lot last night, and that did not work at all. So awake I am, and counting down the days until Wednesday when the LUCID mattress arrives, and then I will finally have decent rest. Very much so looking forward to that! :)

It is a nice day, though. Sun has been out the majority of the day, the STLWX temps are hovering around the freezing mark (up 20 degrees since the other day!), and I feel fairly decent.

back soon