I was looking at [these pictures](https://southofgranada.life/october-2021-sunsets-in-lanjaron-alpujarras) from Somewhere South of Granada, and I thought to myself: “is Earth life?” Like, since he haven’t (yet) unequivocally proven that life exists outside of this planet, wouldn’t it be safe to say (for now) that Earth, itself, *is* life?nnWe tend to think of life as a thing happening *for* us, and that “we HAVE life” – as if there is a “thing” that was separate from the sheer status of *being* to begin with. **I** am not a “_____” that possesses life, or am “put into” a form of life – I am a part of everything. Life is ALL, and life is ABUNDANT.nnIt also makes me recall what tends to happen to most astronauts when they return to Earth, after having seen it from afar, looking “down” on it – they tend to view the Earth in it’s entirety as one living organism. Just a big **cell** of things happening, things changing, things reacting to one another. A chain of events – every single thing.nnSo, maybe, Earth and all things on it, *are* just what they are – life. No man (nor creature) is an island, and more and more we discover that things we thought were dormant, non-living, actually have some form of sentience. The Great Barrier Reef, a blade of grass, the Gulf Stream, even the land and rocks, themselves, may be (in some form or fashion) connected to the core of the Earth, and not just “sitting atop”. Perhaps every rock and hill we see is just a characteristic of the “skin” of the Earth’s core – the nucleus of it all?nnFascinating stuff to think about

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