The Rossi pipe is nice, and has been serving me well since I “broke” it in. As in, literally cracked the briar (on accident) while at the same time unclogging the acrylic stem (somehow). Smokes well, very good pipe. But, I am in the market for another Savinelli 320KS, I think. I loved the Sav 320 Oceano Smooth that I had back some years ago, and it needs to be replaced. I may fool around and stock up on some tobaccos along with it whenever I do get around to ordering it. But the pipe, itself, will come from The Pipe Nook, as where the tobacco will almost definitely come from TobaccoPipes(.com). I’ve got some blends in mind that I wanna try, and some others that I want to buy again. So I may do all that in February.nnback soon

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