Gonna start putting some stuff under the hashtag #dev. In fact, after writing that sentence, I went ahead and tagged some saved posts as “#dev” that I will be using in a very large blog post I have planned for after the (initial) launch of **Thanx**. It will be a summary of *all* the web dev stuff I have been into for the past 1.5 years, not just the development of **Thanx**.nnAnd after searching through the hashtag, it seems I only tagged about a page’s worth of blog posts with the *hashtag* dev, even though I have written about it countless times before. Odd. But then again, I *just* started to utilize hashtags as categories on this blog (again), so I am not surprised I didn’t have many things tagged.nnAnd this *is* for my own future reference, so I can go back and find (relevant) posts more easily. There’s a reason blogs have categories (and tags) to begin with :)nnMight not be as important for a large, professional site, but for a blog (especially a personal one) they can be critical.nnBack later

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