I created an account with [1feed](https://1feed.app) (not an ad), because I wanted to consolidate all my Feedbin feeds, and YouTube subscriptions, and some R.w.a stuff (as well as Github stuff in the future) all in one spot. Simple. Minimal. I like it so far.nnI might pay for it in time, but it would have to be an open source project first, because the Ethan dude who maintains it says he “likes open source”, and it is on Github and all that, but GH is just being used to report bugs, ask for feature requests, etc. – not an *actual* open source project, at all.nnSo, if/when it becomes open source, I will pay for it. For now, everything is fine (I also don’t want to get too involved in using an application that may very well “go under” (or not be maintained) after a period of time).nnBack later

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