I tried to listen to my “audio-files 2.0” playlist on the TIN T2 headphones, I really did, and there is nearly nothing there in terms of bass. There are entire segments of Elvis Costello’s “Shipbuilding” that were absent when I listened, and…yea. Don’t buy ’em.nnSo, I am listening to the enthralling, bass-correct Audio-Technica headphones, and I look forward to (eventually) getting *even* better AT headphones with the ATH-R70X units.nnBut now, I am listening to a song simply titled “Music” (an orchestraic (not a word?) version of it), and it is downright magical.nnNow (a few minutes later), I am onto the “Techno-ish” playlist and letting the bass overwhelm my ears, enjoying myself immensely.nnI highly recommend the song “Dreams Pt. II” by Lost Sky, because that is what is playing right now, and it sounds incredible. The artist sounds *so* much like Demi Lovato, only even better, if you can imagine that.nnback later

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