I just got back from Schnucks, and while there I bought oranges. A bag containing six of them. Once upon a Beforetime (which were just regular times, only with less tangible friction in the air), I could buy a bag of 8 or more oranges, and it would generally run me $3.99, or $4.49. But I just shelled out $6.50 for *six* oranges. Oranges, are now more expensive than avocados. I hope they’re fxxxing delicious, lol.nnAnother thing:nn(the following text is not a complaint in any way, just an observance I’ve made over and over again when visiting one of my favorite online establishments)nnThere are a couple (real cool) online “blogging” outlets ran by a guy named m15o, and one of them is called **Midnight.pub**, and one is called **Smol.pub**, and I frequent them both. The Midnight, is similar to that of a private forum from back in the day (which were not very common, from what I could tell – they were usually very public). But, people talk and comment, and write posts on The Midnight, and there is a continual “role play” of being IN a bar called “The Midnight”, and people order coffee, drinks, play music on the jukebox, etc. I adore it.nnAnd then there is Smol.pub. Like The Midnight, only without any type of commenting system. Both are on the Gemini “network”(?), “protocol”(?), I am not sure how all that works, but *I* can access both, so I use both (just not S.p all that often). And Smol.pub, though it sounds like a “smol” (small) little gathering of folks, pow-wowing about this and that, IT should be called “Midnight” (which *sounds* seedy, but isn’t in all reality), and M.p should be called “Smol.pub”, lol! And what I mean is, S.p tends to have some pretty dark posts on there. Now, *most* posts are dev related somehow. Others are just general banter (like one would expect to see anywhere on the “smol web”), but when a post is written on S.p that is dark/negative, it is *really* dark/negative. Peculiarly so.nnAgain, I have no problem with that. Better than the attention-grabbing thirst-mongering that occurs on social networks. But, there *is* an element of negativity to some of what is on S.p.nnback soon

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